UK Living Room Tour – May 2017



So if you’ve been following me on social media over the last month you’ll know I’ve been on tour all over the UK playing in the living rooms of fans, friends and a few Sofar Sounds along the way.

I travelled from Bristol to Liverpool, Hull, Nottingham, Oxford, London, Bournemouth and loads more, everyone was super lovely and hospitable so thanks to all the amazing people who had me over, introduced me to their friends and gave me a bed for the night Рwas a special tour.


I think at first it was a slightly strange concept for some people, and I’ll admit it was a complete experiment for myself, but by the end of each¬†night I think everyone was totally on board with it.

Basically for those that don’t know, I reached out to fans around April time over on Facebook Live and asked if anyone would be up for hosting a small house concert for their friends in their own living room.

After a few emails back and forth, and working out a finer details and dates, I turned up with a guitar and a box of CDs, and everyone sat around on sofas, or bean bags, or just on the floor and listened to every word like a normal gig in a proper venue.

This is all a bit new and I’m still working out the specifics of it, but the reaction I got from each and every living room was incredible, and it was amazing to not only play a gig, but to stay and hang out with everyone, drink some wine, eat some food and in some cases, stay over in a spare room or on a sofa somewhere. It was an amazing way to connect and I think I’ll be doing a load more of them in the future.

(hopefully in Europe this time! Keep your eyes peeled for updates!)

I’ve got a tour video coming out soon, but for now here’s a clip of me singing When Doves Cry in Bristol on the first night of the tour…



Can’t wait to get back out on tour, and thanks for making me feel so welcome…

Charlie x



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