Someone Else’s Dream | EP Out Now

Two years ago I wrote a song whilst driving home late at night from a bad gig.

I felt like I was working myself to the bone but had nothing to show for it, and I was broken from playing to rooms full of people who weren’t listening.

The song was about resilience; holding on to your dreams and not giving up.
I suppose at it’s heart it was about staying true to your own dreams, and not following someone else’s.

Two years later I was on that same road driving home late at night from a gig and that song came on the radio.

I couldn’t help but let a little smile creep across my face.
BBC Introducing Solent gave my new single it’s first spin and it’s those little moments of hope that keep you going on this crazy road.


Charlie x


The song is out now on all streaming services along with the whole EP:





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