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so you might have seen a few things I’ve been posting on social media about a new project I’ve been working on with my long time collaborator, Rob Amey


This is ‘Late For The Sun’ which is an events company we’ve founded to collate all of our passions, projects and plans under one roof…

… people have been asking what it’s all about so thought I’d put something more concrete down for you.


Basically, over the last 6 months we’ve been working on a load of great things in Bournemouth, UK where we’re both from..

We started in Jan when we founded Sofar Sounds Bournemouth, which are small, intimate acoustic gigs in various secret locations around town. Check it out, we did one in a hair salon, one in a rock climbing centre, and we’ve got loads more planned for the rest of the year.. you can sign up for tickets here, or check out a Sofar Sounds near you, they’re all over the world.

(photo: Alice Parmenter) 

Around the same time, Rob started the Pointhouse Cinema Club, where people would vote on a classic film to watch, and then we’d all get together at 60 Million Postcards once a month and watch it. We had such a great time and saw some awesome films like Taxi Driver, The Big Lebowski and Amélie.




Shortly after all that we got involved in probably our biggest project to date, which was BEAF.




BEAF is Bournemouth’s biggest arts festival, and it was lying dormant after a few glorious years of showcasing all the best art, culture and music Bournemouth has to offer. Rob and I began working with the rest of the BEAF team, to bring it back, revitalise it and put on an amazing fringe festival which will be happening in April 2018 in Bournemouth (loads more info coming out about this soon – it’s going to be huge)…


Over the course of the year Late For The Sun will also be putting on various events to showcase the wonderful and diverse art that is blossoming right now in Bournemouth, from short film premieres, to spoken word, live gigs, and art exhibitions. We’re just super passionate about helping to make Bournemouth one of the most creative, and exciting communities in the country and that’s basically what we’re trying to do with this…


Thanks again for all your support in all we do, we’re excited about what lies ahead, for now you can keep in touch by liking our Facebook page, following us on Twitter, Instagram, or signing up to our mailing list..


Much love,


Charlie x





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